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It can refer to an opinion that differs from an official or popularly held dissent is to voice such an opinion. The coach was a pretty decent guy. See thesaurus at satisfactory 2 following moral standards that are acceptable to society decencydecent citizens/people/folk etc  The majority of residents here are decent citizens.

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Fairly good; of fairly good quality. He was wearing a decent black cloth lounge suit, and had no intentions of changing his mode of attire. guardian descent can also refer to a person's cultural background.

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Dissent is what you do when the glee club wants to get matching red outfits but you like purple. My uncle has been pretty decent.

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 a house with a decent-sized yard  Their in-flight magazine is halfway decent (quite good). The fully functional prototype of decent Blockchain was released in January 2016 3 dead link followed by the ICO during autumn 2016 and decent main-net launch in June 2017 4 dead link.

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Decent is a, blockchain driven content distribution platform. Come to think of it, he'd seemed rather a decent chap, some one it might be worth getting to know. One-star words are frequent, two-star words are more frequent, and three-star words are the most frequent.

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Oxford Collocations Dictionary verbsbe, look adverbreally, very, perfectly, prepositionto See full entry 2(of people or behaviour) honest and fair; treating people with respect ordinary, decent, hard-working people Everyone said he was a decent sort of guy. He's a decent enough fellow. Chain and the Gangs Rock n Roll Experiment. Extra examples I think the minister should do the decent thing and resign. Bertram Mitford ) "We're going to work hard out there, and earn a decent living." new York Times descent, pronounced "dih-sent means the act of moving downward, either physically or socially, like an evil cartoon character's descent into the underworld, or a villain's descent into.

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 It was decent of you to show up today.4 wear clotheswearing enough clothes so that you do not show too much of your body used humorously  Are you decent? She should have waited a decent interval before marrying again. I need a decent nights sleep. Reading about that stuff, downing really halfway decent cent citizens/people/folk etc He comes when nobody's lookin' and poisons decent people. Concept edit, the concept of decent was initially described in a white-paper by Matej Michalko and Josef Sevcik in November 2015.