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There are multiple advantages of hiding your IP address, and a VPN automatically does it for you. Change your country, each payments profile can be associated only with one country due to tax regulations on the payment methods you pay with. List of US states and territories - List of US states and territories in various formats. This page may be out of date.

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This is also where you can find information on the administrative set-up in each country: who is responsible for Structural Funds programmes, what system of first level control applies and any other country-specific information. Visit Roselers, webRTC test page and note the IP address displayed on the page.

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And when your DNS provider fails, then your real IP address can be read by the websites you are visiting and even your ISP. However, if it shows the IP address of the location (server) you are connected to, it means your VPN is working and you are browsing the web anonymously. Heres a simple example to understand IP leak while you are using a VPN: When you sign in to a VPN service, usually you can choose between servers in different countries. What is My DNS Server?

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More worryingly, this flaw is easy to exploit. Now, look for the Network icon and click to open. Usually thats enough to convince a VPN user that they are now virtually in a supported country All good so far!

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Login to your VPN, connect to any server of your choice and verify that you are connected. You need to create a new payments profile to associate it with a new country. Choose the DNS tab where you will find your DNS.