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More strand count flexibility and better looking two color strings. 450 Plus Bowstring The original Dyneema / Vectran blend.

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BCY leads the way in innovative material improvement and product advancement, constantly experimenting with ways to adapt the latest fibers to the archery bowstring market. Available in solid colors. Recurve bows normally use two fewer strands. 3940 x 3454 (600ppi) 2250 x 1980 (600ppi) S C radial.M.

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We continue to provide lively and inspiring assemblies, lessons, lunch-time clubs, Christian Union support, Prayer Spaces for schools, SRE workshops for students, a book club for local youth workers and more! Recommended strands are for typical modern compound bows. Even better, invite us over to your church or group to talk about our work. Recommended strands: 12 Approximate feet per pound waxed: 4,500 Spool sizes: 1/4., or.

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3940 x 3454 (600ppi) 2250 x 1980 (600ppi) S C radial.C. 3846 x 4031 (600ppi) 1154 x 1209 (600ppi s.M.

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If used correctly, the material will serve the purpose for which it was intended - a bowstring or a serving material. 2744 x 2744 (600ppi) 1570 x 1570 (600ppi) S C in circle.M. Available in black or white.

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Plus or minus two strands is normal. Recommended strands: 28 - 2) for Compound Bows Approximate feet per pound waxed: 12,000 Spool sizes: 1/8., 1/4., or. Used for Crossbows, Compounds, Recurves and Youth Bows.

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We offer a full range of material for the archery market. Broken column 1109 x 834 (300ppi). Higher strength, high durability, available in solid colors.