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Added Modified Next Reviews Recommended by 1 of 1 (100) customers Related Products Recommended Products. (in prior versions of cowoa the Standard and cowoa flows shared the same duplicate e-mail error message which is confusing and incorrect) - New admin switch to turn off sideboxes during the checkout (Many of the larger e-commerce retailers turn off "distractions" during their checkout. Cowoa Links/Downloads, there is a, cowoa.3.8 Support Thread here, download.

Contribution:Integrated Checkout Without Account, zen

No plans exist at this time to rectify Integrated Checkout Without Account with single page checkout. Look in the _docs folder for how to install Cowoa. After entering their billing information they are sent to checkout_shipping.

Cowoa Updated and Combined for.5.x, zen, cart

Captcha Using TTF (requires separate module). See below for a fix for Super Order Center. Added missing code in the customer table in Admin Customers screen where the No Account was not showing up and changed the heading to say Account Type.

Without, account, for Zencart - 2 Dogs Media

Updated the Install Text to a new and improve Install Text. When you hit the 'Login' button, or My Account it showed 'My Account info'. Contribution: Integrated Checkout Without Account, version.

Cowoa for Zen Cart.3.9, zen, cart, plugins and Addons

The current options available are a little confusing leaving clients baffled as to what to click. But, this didn't provide all of the functionality I needed.