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Here are the things your business gets with Affinity Merchant Payment Services: Customers can pay with chip-enabled and contactless debit cards, credit cards, mobile devices, gift cards, and loyalty rewards cards. Here are definitions of the terms in the infographic: Merchant account, a virtual bank account where revenue from online sales is sent. Payment gateways are evolving to be more than information carriers, though. Youll have to get one from your bank to accept payments with these gateways.

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Debit, credit card and mobile payments give your customers more ways to pay, and they give you more ways to earn. Make your clients beam with convenient payment options from Affinity. Most payment gateways come with hosted checkout pages. Gateways excel over merchant service providers in enabling transaction rules (that a merchant can configure) based on volume, IP address (and so on) so that fraudulent transactions are screened out before a purchase goes through. Examples: Square, Flagship Merchant Services, National Processing.

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When choosing a merchant service provider, beware of hidden costs, monthly minimums, and high set-up fees. Tokens are virtual representations of a card. Increasing revenue through global ecommerce, to grow online businesses, merchants should consider selling their products or services to overseas, fast-growing emerging and established markets. With tokens, credit cards can be regularly charged while sitting securely in a payment gateways vault. Applying (yes, your application can be rejected) for merchant services, on the other hand, can take a few days to a few weeks.

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Well help you understand exactly what youre paying for transactions and demonstrate some of the very latest innovations coming out of the payment processing world. There is usually also a charge for buying the device from the mPOS system provider.

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Take the example of a merchant account (something you cant sell online without). When it comes to the services they offer, payment gateways differ from merchant service providers in how active a role they take in the running of your online business.

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Credit card merchant Services vs Payment Gateway : TL;DR Merchant Services Payment Gateway Transparent Pricing Support for multiple payment methods Fraud detection and information security Merchant account Merchant category code Adjacent services Recurring payment support Hosted checkout pages You are better off with a merchant. Support for secure transactions Both merchant service providers and payment gateways maintain additional layers of security and fraud detection systems to make sure that all the payments you process are secure for your customers and your business.