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Fill out the SQL Database form with the following information, as shown on the preceding image : Setting Suggested value Description Database name mySampleDatabase For valid database names, see Database Identifiers. When you are finished, the table should look like Figure. SQL Server supplies a set of system data types that define all the types of data that can be used with SQL Server.

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If you want to import all the fields from the spreadsheet without change, skip this step: To edit a field, click the column header you want to change, then edit the name of the field, the data type, and/or whether or not it is indexed. Important By default, access through the SQL Database firewall is enabled for all Azure services. You can see this standard set of folders in the Solution Explorer window. When you find the folder, right-click on it and select Rename. Check out posts by Caroline Juang on, discover magazines citizen science blog and by David Petley on American Geophysical Unions.

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To create a backup, click on the Set up backup option. In the Add View dialog, verify that the checkbox labeled Create a strongly-typed view is checked. TextBox DateReleased /p p input type"submit" value" Create " / /p /fieldset div tionLink Back to List "Index /div /asp:Content Note The html form generated by the Add View dialog generates an Id form field.

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Research scientist Dalia Kirshbaum wants to hear from you about landslides at the. If so, you cannot connect to your Azure SQL Database server unless your IT department opens port 1433. Database t ) and provides options for further configuration.

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By appending an existing table, you can edit the information in Access. How to schedule an automatic system image backup of Windows 7 and Windows. Uncheck everything so that nothing is checked except for the Include a system image of drives check box as shown in the image above. Creating the T MVC Controller The next step is to create the T MVC controller.

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5 Select a file format. Skip this step to leave the database set to its default name.