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A ten year old could have done better. And then with the food that was available i ended up waiting 20mins after closing time to receive. I called the store and reported the problem. Today's pot pie had (3) one inch long chicken bones in it, if I would have swallowed the wrong mouth full of pot pie I could have had an issue.

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"It'll bounce and she'll be expected to reimburse the bank because she endorsed the check.". As I started for the restroom I realized that the attendant had spread blue soap all over it and the suds looked like a commercial. (Delivery is only.25 in China, very cheap for delivery fee, and no tips can be given, either.) KFC Corporate, you've got a real problem with customer service in China, I just wanted you to know.

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KFC is unique in its taste due to the magical mix of herbs that Colonel Sanders concocted a long time ago now, but sorry that is no longer the case here in Bangkok, at least as far as the home delivery is concerned. Can you explain why I am getting mediocre portion sizes after being told it would be addressed? More over the guy says he has never received a complaint from people eating same chicken. For example, in 2010, China banned pancakes from all McDonald's in china. They are many of my foreign friend's and my own favorite breakfast.

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I placed my order. Albert Taylor from Lancaster, OH Oct 31, 2017 Tried your new Nashville gold. I said, "you had to know this pie was burnt when you put it in the box." The manager, Cory, said, "yes and they were supposed to ask if you were ok with that." I responded, "Who would be?" This is ridiculous. I took the box back in and asked for a different employee.

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The "agent" who identified himself as Eric Pendell, told Mary as soon as she signed the contract, he would send her a 2,700 check. All guy applications are on the bottom of the pile and all the girls is on top.