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The Predix platform allows users to develop, deploy, operate and monetise industrial internet applications. Martin Frojd, Head of Product Line Cloud Data Platforms at Ericsson, says: "Ericsson's Blockchain Data Integrity has been made available in GE's Predix catalog and marketplace to guarantee the availability of fully auditable, compliant and trustworthy data. The Estonian government announced in 2015 that is is working with GuardTime to back up health records. .

Ericsson launches Blockchain Data Integrity for GE s Predix platform

What is data integrity assurance? Once the info is in the car, you want it to be verifiable in real time whenever you go out driving.". "Instead of putting all of the data up in the blockchain, we only take fingerprints of the data he explained. The service delivers massive scale, near real-time signature verification, post-quantum proof and high service availability, said Ericsson. This core security problem has deterred some key industriesparticularly those heavily regulated with regards to the movement and storage of sensitive datafrom moving their IT operations to the cloud.

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Together we are building a more connected future where anyone and any industry is empowered to reach their full potential. As a result, the company is pursuing a series of proofs-of-concept  focused on applications in supply chain and cloud-based data management, for example. Do we call Blockchain Data Integrity APIs directly from the constraint device (where Predix Machine is installed)? Predix developers who take advantage of the service can be confident that data residing in Predix has not been tampered with or otherwise modified.". It's a technology application that has drawn interest from parties such as the government of Estonia.

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"For us, it's still in an early phase he said. Put more bluntly, blockchain might be the key to keeping your car's computer from lying to either you, its manufacturer or whoever maintains. The Ericsson stock is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and on nasdaq in New York. . About GE Digital, gE Digital connects streams of machine data to powerful analytics and people, providing industrial companies with valuable insights to manage assets and operations more efficiently. Won't it impact latency?

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He told CoinDesk in a recent interview: "What we are doing is running this global blockchain infrastructure. 3) The Data Integrity User Guide states that keyless signature is generally generated for a File. 4) Could not find any examples on how to verify the Device Configuration Integrity before it gets placed into service. It's not a blockchain like the one underpinning bitcoin, but according to Martin Frojd, head of product for cloud and data platforms for Ericsson, it provides a commercial-scale way to back up the integrity of critical information used by its clients.

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One third of financial services professionals expect to see commercial blockchain adoption by 2018, while half forsee mainstream adoption by 2020 gE and Microsoft partner to link IIoT to the cloud. Enables auto-generation and verification of tamperproof, irreversible signatures for verifying trust across data, system configurations and firmware. The service can be triggered through restful APIs and supports an independently verifiable chain of custody for data pipelines and workflows, from data capture to storage, without reliance on central trust authorities or a public key infrastructure. Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity is based on Ericsson's Data Centric Security offering and automates the generation and verification of tamperproof, irreversible signatures to guarantee the integrity of the software supply chain across data, system configuration, firmware and field operations.

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The service delivers massive scale, near real-time signature verification, post-quantum proof and high service availability. Ericsson is a world leader in communications technology and services with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. Widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) has also been hampered by the need to ensure that data flowing to and from IoT devices cannot be corrupted or tampered with, potentially causing accidents on industrial scales.