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Use the, get Transcript tool available on IRS. For information regarding nonresidents or dual-status aliens, please see. Businesses, partnerships and individuals who need transcript information from other forms or need a tax account transcript must use the Form 4506T, Request for Transcript of Tax Return.

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Need more time to prepare your federal tax return? Other Forms, form 2350, Application for Extension of Time to File.S.

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23 The form has many variants for corporations with different structures; the most common variant is the Form 1120S used by S corporations. Internal Revenue Service of the, united States. Was originally introduced under the presidency of Woodrow Wilson at the end of World War I, and described as the "blank on which corporations will report their war excess profits and income taxes." The first applicable tax year was 1918, and the form was made. Lines 1-11 deal with income, lines 1229 deal with deductions, and lines 30-36 deal with tax, refundable credits, and payments. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, is used by estates and trusts for tax returns.

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For example, in the 1960s, they used an IBM Card on which a few lines could be written which would then be transcribed onto another card. At the top of the first page is the. IRS Summertime Tax Tip 2011-19, August 17, 2011. No interest is paid on over-withholding, but penalties might be imposed for under-withholding.

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Investments or self-employment income) not subject to withholding or insufficiently withheld. For 2010, the form was condensed with a single column for the corrected amounts.

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Form 4506, Request for Copy of Tax Return, along with the applicable fee. Source income and therefore have to file.S.