This Smart City in China Is Controlled By An Artificial Intelligence

Guest Post by Paul Shorthouse, Senior Director of Partnerships at globe Series. Asia-Pacific is also expected to be the fastest growing region in the smart energy or distributed energy generation space over this time.

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Smart city in China, the Chinese, ever the innovators of the world, have become the first country to set a smart city project into full motion. Free Wi-Fi hot spots all over the city (e.g., hotels, airports, universities, and converted public phone booths).

China outnumbers other countries in smart city pilots: Report, East

Their vision is to build China's first 'Smart City' from the IOT industry 08:12. AI will play a key role in smart cities in areas such as smart parking, smart mobility, smart energy grids, adaptive signal control and waste management, Frost Sullivan said. Efforts are underway to develop a 2040 vision and strategic plan to improve the regions quality of life across a number of themes, including economic resiliency, transportation and mobility, housing and affordability, human health, and the environment. Another key enabling technology for smart cities is the internet of things (IoT). Chinas goal is to move away from being the factory of the world towards one driven by the innovation economy.

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Sure, there are bound to be concerns about the Big Brother nature of such close data monitoring, but this is the best way of helping enhance cities, and the lives of their residents, in the most efficient way possible. An increasing focus on smart cities. The project is apparently doing so well that its already being considered in other cities around China.