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Virgin Islands (VI United States Minor Outlying Islands (UM) USN 997 2 United States dollar (next day) (funds code) United States UYI 940 0 Uruguay Peso en Unidades Indexadas (uruiurui) (funds code) Uruguay UYU 858 2 Uruguayan peso Uruguay UZS 860 2 Uzbekistan som Uzbekistan. May be combined with any online shipping offer. The inclusion of EU (denoting the European Union ) in the ISO 3166-1 reserved codes list, allows the euro to be coded as EUR rather than assigned a code beginning with X, even though it is a supranational currency.

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(A field identifier can be a preprinted field heading in an aligned document or a similarly-agreed application in electronic transmission of data.). Position of ISO 4217 code in amounts edit The ISO standard does not regulate either the spacing, prefixing or suffixing in usage of currency codes. The predecessor to the euro, the European Currency Unit (ECU had the code XEU. Qualifying purchases amount includes merchandise only, does not include taxes, gift cards or previous purchases and must be met after any coupons or discounts are applied.*Nine Loves members receive free shipping on all orders offer is valid for 5-7 business day shipping within the United.

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The code XTS is reserved for use in testing. CME, cbot, nymex and, comex. Usually, as with the USD, the minor currency unit has a value that is 1/100 of the major unit, but in some cases (including most varieties of the dinar) 1/1000 is used, and sometimes ratios apply which are not integer powers.

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ISO 4217 codes are used on airline tickets and international train tickets to remove any ambiguity about the price. European Unit of Account 9 (E.U.A.-9) (bond market unit) XBD 958. "ISO 4217 amendment to the names" (PDF). Code reserved for testing purposes XUA 965. Territories) for internet and phone orders only.

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Platinum (one troy ounce ) XSU 994. Intermediate markdowns may have been taken. Not valid on previous purchases or for purchase of gift cards. XBT is used by some exchanges for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin even though it is not ISO 4217 approved.

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ISO 3166 country codes beginning with "X" are used for private custom use (reserved never for official codes. Silver (one troy ounce ) XAU 959.