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Stop-Limit Orders to prevent losses, set stop-limit orders to sell your crypto when it drops to a specific price, so that it prevents further huge losses. Linux For Ubuntu/Debian Locate the b file downloaded at Step 1 to run the wallet installer. Extract the zip file to your home directory. We also got confirmation of the transaction together with its ID from the wallet.

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On Windows, Mac and Linux locate the Enterprise Wallet app and launch. Guide and you should know if still in the default location within the.factom folder at If your old wallet file is in the default place you dont need to do anything, the new wallet will recognize the file and import it automatically.

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External Addresses As mentioned earlier, a backup of your Seed Phrases will not allow you to recreate addresses that are not based on that same seed. On Mac, in Finder, you can also use Go/Go to Folder and type /.factom to see its content. Summary The Summary tab shows critical information describing the internal status of your node.

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Choose Import from private key from this menu. Note, transactions in Factom confirm every 10 minutes so you may have to wait until the next 00, 10, 20, 30th, and so on, minute of every hour.

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Lend your assets to gain interest. If you now click on display private KEY it will appear on the left.

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Go to Settings, select Enable ability to export private keys then hit save changes. There are two passes to double check all blocks have successfully synced. We decided to have two hashes of each Admin Block, both with 256 bits. Its very easy with our new wallet. We strongly recommend saving the Private Keys of all your External Addresses by clicking the copy TO clipboard button and pasting to a file or simply by writing them down.

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If you had five before, youd get those same five addresses when you repopulate. Alternatively, you can move any Factoids held by these addresses into addresses based on your current seed. Ability to import/export transactions to file.