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Critiques of the device included potential security issues: How secure is the sensitive data stored in this digital card and app? With fond memories." "We are all in shock and disappointed says Rick Ingersoll, who blogs about credit-card rewards.

Coin, the digital credit card startup, has 3 big problems

Join our waitlist to receive notifications for swyp Card. In my opinion the CEX verification was not too bad, but compared to the smoother experience Coinbase offers it felt slow. The Coin FAQ says that each Coin card will be "associated with your account and not that specific phone/device and that the company is "in the process" of being certified for "PCI DSS standards for storing and transmitting card data." That's a pretty strong hint. It sounds terribly convenient.

Coin wants to replace every credit card in your wallet

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Coin is most practical electronic credit card yet - CBS, news

"One of the things we wanted from our launch was feedback. As countries slowly move towards the more secure Chip PIN credit card system, the Coin device is likely to become obsolete. If the card is disconnected for more than 10 minutes, it automatically disables itself, which could potentially be an issue if a phone runs out of juice.

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