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More unusual metals like lead, aluminium, tin, niobium, palladium, zinc have also been used for coin making historically and are still used by some countries and authorities. Indeed, some very old coins like The Darics have been maintained for more than 2 millennia with clearly recognisable shapes and designs.

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Metals like platinum and palladium were rarer and more difficult to separate and work with in past centuries. China as the largest exporter of rare metals including iridium has recently stated interest in future mining operations on the moon and possibly even mars in order to maintain its market dominance on such rare metals (One Step from Earth,. I've never heard the idea of using something rarer and less abundant than gold for currency backing? The concentrated beam and high peak power pulses can achieve local temperatures of far more than 4150oC, instantly evaporating the irradiated material, yet leaving the surrounding material completely unaffected and at near ambient temperature.

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The hardness, high tensile strength and high melting point make it the ideal metal for technically challenging applications. The coating may be pure iridium or a mix of the platinum group metals giving a hard enough coating. The price of the metal is only expected to continue rising as demand grows with the gain in publicity.

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Eligible Latin America Countries: Mexico, Central America, and the entire South America continent. It is thus likely that in the years to come, man will learn how to exploit better the properties of the material and the market will start seeking sources of iridium as the key material of the future, together with future fuel resources such. One of the properties that maintain the high value of gold as coinage or jewellery is its resistivity to oxidation and corrosion.

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The reverse side carries the shape of a sea turtle and the legend. The reason for this is that the stock traded value does not represent the metals scarcity and resistance to corrosion or wear when compared with gold, only the present rate of absorption in the market. Click here for online activation form. Iridium Airtime and Prepaid Cards, iridium Subscription Plans *Rollover option available on Monthly 20, Monthly 40, Monthly 100 and Monthly 250 for and additional 5 per month 50 Activation Fee, fREE Incoming calls on all plans except Emergency Plans.