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74 Baidu Zhanzhang: The free suite of webmaster tools offered by Baidu. Facebook Baidu signed a cooperation agreement with Facebook, ThinkingChinese, April 14, 2011 "SNS".

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81 Pay for placement (P4P) edit Baidu focuses on generating revenues primarily from online marketing services. Image listings are organized by various categories, which are updated automatically through algorithms.

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Baidu 's advertisement platform is DU Ad Platform. Baidu Union edit Baidu Union consists of several third-party websites and software applications. It has over 2 billion active users worldwide. 71 Qunar (Qunar Cayman Islands Limited travel-booking service controlled by Baidu.

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A b http. Recreate next generation entertainment products, gAME engineer, beijing shanghai / china.

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"China's Google in Japan". Constitution by the censorship it conducts in accord with the demand of the Chinese government.

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59 Baidu Search Ranking provides listings of search terms based on daily search queries entered on As of 2013, Qunar had.4 million active users and raised 167 Million at its initial public offering that year.