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ICO or NO to see more of what, monkey, capital was supposed to be about. Every half-savy crypto user will instantly spot, there is no Blockchain, this is not a cryptocurrency and it stinks from a mile away. From the offerings partners Daniel. Harrison, he goes out of his way to avoid any responsibility for what happened to the ICO and CoEval token. Who shall they blame?

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It gives them more legitimacy. Please express your thoughts in the comments below). Everyone should make his own conclusion.

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ICO and engaged in an unregistered offering and sale of securities that violated numerous state and federal securities laws. . Harrison doesnt hold back at all on advertising his magus opus. Here it is: I dont even know what this token. Monkey, capital a scam if they didnt make any money off of the MNY token sale?

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After all, nobody wants his name associated with such a blatant scam. ICO, like all token listings, starts with a website and a White Paper. Its detailed, explanatory, challenging and tackles with complex and ambiguous issues such as how to ensure fairness in a game where only one party holds all the cards. TokenMarket has no legal responsibility for any representations made by third parties in respect of any Token sale and any claim for breach of contract must also be made directly against the Token issuing entity listed herein.

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We asked Waves Platform for comments on this story and got official answer from Waves Platform CEO Sasha Ivanov. Except unlike the marketing brochures that most of these so-called White Papers are in reality nothing other than in sum, the fund managers actually might pass for a Harvard Business School PhD thesis.