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Including her own sister. There are a LOT of options out there. Ok you get the point. We tried to get pregnant on and off for two years. They set up a tent in the parking lot of the local Walmart to sell T-shirts emblazoned with these words from James 1:27: Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father is to care for orphans in their troubles.

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The new guidelines now prevent single parents from adopting. I guess you could say Im a big believer in fate. I simply wanted to be a mother. It was so hard at first, feeling silly and prideful, she writes. All we had were our soaking wet jeans wed put on at six.m.

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With China s growing economy, Chinese families also now have greater resources to care for their children another factor that has contributed to fewer overall cases of child abandonment. Perhaps her parents simply couldnt cope.

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They left me with clothes and half a bottle of milk. Never for a second did we feel like it was important to us to have children that shared our DNA. In October 2005, my husband, Jim, and I made the trip to China to pick up our nine-month-old baby and bring her home. If youre in the mood for a long post, youve come to the right place.

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She adopted a baby girl from China through the special needs program. I looked into adoption through China and found that we wouldnt qualify to adopt until we had been married five years (which I now now wasnt accurate, but oh well) so we decided to try to get pregnant and then if we didnt get pregnant. I guess we kind of fell in the middle I know people who tried much more extreme measures that we did as far as planning, special diets and things like that. Its great for her to meet many people on this trip who were born in Daye and grew up in Daye. However, Lily said it was still important for her and she felt excited by this experience.