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Ml Supermax sources vinyl gloves from China, it's priced at significantly lower price than latex and nitrile. 16:38 pingdan If Supermax hit RM3.62, there will be historical high. 12:38 pang72 Good 14:48 wiki123 all glove stocks on fire. Not based on financial analysis but just simple cut on their plantation size. Do you mean this year target more than RM8?

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Even kossan now. By Dec, mother share could easily each RM4 (provide good result continue for the next 2 Qs and C40 could be well above RM0.50. Albrecht Ritschl (Humboldt University, Berlin. 09:16 Hope88 how lower it can go 10:31 LimKT sure more lower more good 11:27 LimKT i can buy at most minimum point and wait for rise 11:28 LimKT would u guys follow me hahah 11:28 Shadows I will accumulate. 14:20 tonypang Hi Uptrending,72.5C now, good to buy?

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For a discussion comparing CPI, GDP and other measures see this page. But for china, think the rubber gloves target market is in medical, higher end type, not really food preparation. Next week Fed will increase interest rate, so may push up USD.

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16:51 wiki123 with the daily volume so strong. So i wait and see.

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It seems like good to invest this counter 09:09 Hope88 this quarter profit drop 09:15 popo92 in fact, this is a good chance to collect for those who still had faith on palm oil. 15:52 kent98, c40 is now trading at 8 premium, compare to all others which expiry date in year end, it is the cheapest. 04:33 Highfive Bread Wait for the foreign funds to return, they have just exited from Malaysia. China new vinyl glove price, if it resume, will be at a higher price than before as new machines were introduced. Regret listen superbxxx no bull this superman stock.