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Email ; var result await eateAsync(user, ssword if (cceeded) var code await var callbackUrl tion( "ConfirmEmail "Account new userId, code code, protocol: heme await, "Confirm your account "Please confirm your account by clicking this link: a href" callbackUrl " link /a / nk callbackUrl;. From here, you can: Add a recovery phone. This article was written by Rick Anderson ( @RickAndmsft Pranav Rastogi ( @rustd Hao Kung, and Suhas Joshi. Each of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods and the United Nations Convention on the Limitation Period in the International Sale of Goods is hereby expressly excluded and will not apply to this Agreement.

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Was this article helpful? The EmailService and SmsService classes each implement the IIdentityMessageService interface, so you have common methods in each class to configure email and SMS. You can set a break point in the constructor and Create method of each type (ApplicationDbContext, ApplicationUserManager) and verify they are called on each request. Mail to verify your account automatically, there is very little you can do without additional help from Yahoo!

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Recovery phone number, here are some ways your recovery phone number can be used: To send you a code to get into your account if youre ever locked out. It's always a good idea to update your password regularly and to make sure it's unique from other passwords you use. You agree that upon such termination, you will immediately destroy all programs and documentation that relate to the Software, including all copies made or obtained by you, and otherwise cease use of the Software.

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How can we improve it? We strongly recommend changing the security question/answer for your account once you log.

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From most Yahoo mobile apps: Tap the, menu icon. Text and ml code shown above. The owin pipeline calls the Create method on these classes for each request and stores the context for each class. This limitation IS cumulative AND will NOT BE increased BY THE existence OF more than ONE incident OR claim. Actual energy savings and any associated monetary benefits vary based on factors beyond Belkins control or knowledge.