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Yesterday, he created a tune and hilarious skit that is sure to be your next hangover anthem. Post continues below "Congrats on 100,000,000 Spotify streams, Jaden! In celebration.

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Though he doesn't offer a title for the song, he does caption the video with a word of caution: "DO NOT LET this BE YOU! Keep doin you!" Will wrote in the video's description. "Into the New World" is a pop song recorded. "I've avoided social media for most of my career because in the past to be a movie star, you needed mystery and separation he starts off before diving into some of his most memorable posts.

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It is a delicious gift to a parent to admire his children. This isn't the first time Smith has used Instagram's 60-second video limit to bring us a moment to remember.

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"Into the New World (song) (Romanized jeonhae jugo shipeo seulpeun shigani da heuteojin hueya deullijiman nuneul gamkko neukkyeo bwa umjigineun maeum neoreul hyanghan nae nunppicheul teukbyeolhan gijeogeul gidariji ma nunapeseon uriye geochin gireun al su eomneun miraewa byeok bakkuji ana pogihal su eopseo byeonchi aneul. In celebration of his 10 million follower mark, Will Smith compiled a supercut of all the exhilarating moments he's shared since joining the platform. Lyrics "Into the New World (song) (.

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Proving his bars are still sharper than ever, he raps: "I can't believe this/I'm rattled life in pieces/Like Seattle nights is sleepless / I'm grieving, I'm speechless, I'm dying, not facetious/I was drinking, she was drinking/We was dancing, wasn't thinking/It's not excuses/Look the truth is/I. It is the eleventh track and the first single from their debut album. The single was released on August 5, 2007. Our only wish is that he'd joined Instagram sooner.