CISCO Packet Tracer

CISCO Packet Tracer is a powerful network simulator to learn networking, practice lanes of networking and prepare himself or herself with competitive CCNA™ and CCNP™ certification without any cost or extra pressure. CISCO Packet Tracer is a free network simulator by CISCO and it can be connected with almost unlimited number of devices to gain or enrich knowledge, to solve troubleshooting as well as to become genius in networking to prepare himself for the competitive exam for CISCO without buying the real CISCO routers or switches. It has been placed the no. 1 free network simulator for the student and who are trying to expert in networking by himself.

CISCO is the first and best networking organization for their innovative routers and switching that has changed the whole networking world. CISCO Packet Tracer is the best for learning and practicing for the newbie learners, academic students and teachers as well. Who want to join in the networking profession he or she can easily make themselves perfect in their experiences level by this free simulator.

CISCO Packet Tracer offers a lot of unique combination of networking with visualization experiences which make it more innovative. On the other hand, it is more reliable and top rated to use, practice and prepare for the competitive CISCO certification.

CISCO Packet Tracer

What’s new in the latest Version of CISCO Packet Tracer

Packet Tracer 7.0 is the latest version of CISCO Inc, which has been released officially 17th June 2016 and it brings a great change than previous version. CISCO Packet Tracer 7.0 is More User Friendly and updated with the passes of changing.

Top new features in the latest version of CISCO Packet Tracer:

  • CISCO Packet Tracer 7.0 supports JavaScript and CSS
  • We find a great upgradation in HTTP server
  • L2NAT supports in the latest version of Packet Tracer
  • Cabling of devices and FTP support with PTP

See what’s more new in the Latest Version of CISCO Packet Tracer 7.0 new features

Download CISCO Packet Tracer 7.0

If you want to prepare in CISCO certified exam, you should prepare himself with the latest version of CISCO Packet Tracer. It’s totally free for CISCO student. Registration is open to download and so train himself to become CISCO certified Networking Engineer.

So why you late to download the CISCO Packet Tracer 7.0.

CISCO Packet Tracer Labs

CISCO Packet Tracer Labs is the collection of project created by us, which is available for you to practice and becoming genius in Packet Tracer networking. Packet Tracer Labs will ensure you to become expert in Networking and make you prepared to attend next CISCO certified CCNA and CCNP computational exam.

Our certified experts in networking as well as we have created Packet Tracer Labs to help the newbie student and academic help. It’s too much reliable and examined by the experts. So, you can practice it and it’s also available to download for you freely.

Download Packet Tracer Labs from the Labs Library

CISCO Packet Tracer A to Z Tutorial

We all are known with Packet Tracer, those who want to know about it more scroll down in the bottom line of the page and there we discussed a lot of CISCO Packet Tracer.

There has some website about Packet Tracer and Networking, but they’re not trying to share A to Z about Packet Tracer. But you will get well-researched tutorial to become CCNA™ and CCNP™ certified by CISCO by practicing Packet Tracer and has been built with this purpose. So, start your learning ways of networking with us.

CISCO Packet Tracer Mobile (Android/iOS) App

To help the student academically CISCO also introduced with us Packet Tracer Mobile Apps which is available in the Android and iOS platform with 100% free. This apps can keep you connect with the Packet Tracer more easily.

Download Packet Tracer Android and iOS apps

CISCO Packet Tracer Knowledgebases Network

Before participation in the CISCO CCNA™ or CCNP™ exam, we should know some basic tools of CISCO or CISCO Packet Tracer. We’ve described it as Knowledgebases about Packet Tracer Networking and we’ve made a great list of them to gather vast knowledge in Packet Tracer and networking. Follow the tutorial from the Knowledgebases…

How to use Packet Tracer

First you have to install the Packet Tracer in your PC or mobile. If you want to set up Packet Tracer We can help you to begin step by step. Just see the above tutorial…

How to install Packet Tracer in your PC or Mobile

How to start using Packet Tracer step by step

How Packet Tracer help you to prepare himself to become CISCO certified

IT is a network simulator which is updated and maintained by CISCO inc. So if you able to prepare himself with it, you can control your router like the real. Even you’ll able to main the troubleshoot and network by it easily. So it can be a path to become expert in networking and certified also.

What is Packet Tracer:

Do you really know the terms Packet Tracer exactly or accurately? What is CISCO Packet Tracer and what actually do it? To give the answer clearly first I’ll ask you, what is Router? Do you ever use Router? I think you’re familiar with Router and you’ve used router like wireless router.

Wireless Router can connect more than PC or mobile with the same network and we get same facilities from the internet. But there have different kinds of Router also to do the similar works. So, what is packet Tracer? Packet Tracer do the same work like Router. To know more about Packet Tracer, overlook the article first to last. It’ll clear your concept about Packet Tracer A to Z.

Router Vs Packet Tracer:

Router is a device which connect a lot of scattered Computer or PC in the world to establish connection and process to communicate easily with one another. If I tell in one words I can tell that Router is working as the backbone of world networking to communicate. We can’t imagine this Internetworking world without this device like Router. So, the main work of router in networking to establish a connection with many unknown computers from the world.

Those who works with networking they know it better. The idea of networking come first by a worldwide famous organization named CISCO and in the networking sector Router of CISCO is well known and famous from then (past) to present. Though there have many other company and organization who make Router at present. But CISCO is all in all than other, if it comes the name networking.

If we classify router, it will be 2 and they’re Hardware Router and Software Router and price of a CISCO router or other renowned company goes minimum 1000$+. As the world very much depends on internetworking and even every company or organization needs to operate by networking to do some work easily. So, in this field we’ve a great opportunity to build career and CISCO the most and one of the best Networking Academy certify to present you as an expert in the working sector. But without buying Router how we learn networking to prepare for the competitive CISCO exam?

If we want to learn basic to medium networking or to practice it, we need router. But only for learning it’s so tough to buy the real Router. So, CISCO and other networks organization have created simulator to make the learning process easy. From those network simulator CISCO Packet Tracer is the best and most effective network simulator to learn and practice virtually. Even we can examine the effectiveness of networking as real by these kinds of network simulator like Packet Tracer.

So, what do you think about Packet Tracer? To prepare himself CISCO competitive exam just Practice and examine networking to connect PC by CISCO Packet Tracer.